The Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy is open Mondays thru Fridays (except public holidays) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. It renders, among others, the following consular services:

           > Philippine Passport issuance

           > Visa issuance

           > Authentication of documents

           > Reporting of birth, marriage, death

           > Certifications

           > Registration of Filipino nationals and issuance of identification cards

           > Travel document issuance

           > Notarization of legal documents

For requirements on the various consular services, kindly click on the "FAQs" link on the left portion of this page. To download consular forms, kindly click on the "Downloadable Consular Forms" link on the left portion of this page.

For a detailed description of frontline services (e.g., Passport, Authentication, Visa, Consular Records, Regional Consular Matters, Assistance to Nationals, Overseas Absentee Voting, Library of the Foreign Service Institute) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and procedures for availing of them, please click the following link: The DFA Citizen Charter