Mexico media21 May 2014- Philippine Ambassador to Mexico Catalino R. Dilem, Jr. was the featured personality on a Mexican cable program, Valija Diplomática (Diplomatic Pouch).

GrupoFórmula´s Director-General and show host Arturo Orduño Gónzalez conducted the interview with Ambassador Dilem at the latter’s official residence last May 12. The two-hour taping touched on a diverse array of topics about the Philippines, dwelling in particular on cultural aspects such as the Philippines’ food, people, language, handicrafts, and tourist destinations,

A production of GrupoFórmula, a Mexican television, radio, and internet network, the regular television program conducts interviews with resident ambassadors, offers an inside look at their residences, and provides additional information on the countries of the featured officials.

Ambassador Dilem was joined by officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy in receiving the guests and hosting a lunch. Traditional Filipino food such as adobo, pancit, caldereta, suman at mangga and puto, prepared by Embassy personnel and staff members’ spouses were served.  The Embassy personnel offered brief descriptions of the food and explanations on how these native dishes are prepared.

On behalf of Telefórmula Production, show producer Lic. González expressed his appreciation for the hospitality of Ambassador Dilem and the staff, as well as the delicious lunch prepared for them.  According to Mr. Gonzalez and his colleagues, it was the first time for them to try Filipino food.  They offered praise for both the preparation process of Filipino cuisine and the taste of the food, which they said was all very satisfying. END